Classic and Misc Photographs

S-38A, I bought in 1956, for $25 used.  All mods my own.  Every S-38A needed "crank" knobs!

With a lampcord-fed 80m dipole I worked 28 states in 3 months as a novice.  13W input.

Straight-Key Night  - -  W5XW
"Retro Station"

A faithful reproduction of my 1956 first TX on the air, a 6V6 tri-tet oscillator from ARRL's "How to become a Radio Amateur" and some earlier "Radio Amatuer's Handbook." 

Type 80 full-wave rectifier in the power supply.  Cigar boxes from 1950's just like the originals.

J-38 key my Dad brought home from WW2.

(Behind TX on right, T/R SW and harmonic trap.  FCC Grand Island, NB, heard the original TX 7 MHZ harmonics and me their "QSL.")
Demonstration Telegraph Register
Daniel Davis


This apparatus was part of the collection of J.M. Wightman objects found together. It was likely sold by Wightman whose 1842 catalog is bound with 1842 edition of the Davis Manual of Magnetism.