Helping Hams

Shows the tower foundation, A-Frame for tilt and the actual tower with a 6 Meter beam ready to go up. Note the rocks that had to come out of the hole. The foundation took over 40 bags of concrete at 80 pounds a bag. My back was sore for a week!

Some final checks on the Cushcraft A505S before the LMR400 is connected.

Jack and Jill who helped tremendously throughout the entire project. They helped dig the hole, inspected the wet concrete and they sniffed every connector and cable to ensure it met their high standards.
The tower and antenna raised to full height and places the beam at about 40 feet. I couldn't put up anything bigger due to the Homeowners Association restrictions and nothing higher due to the proximity to the power lines. You can just make out the 2 meter vertical and weather equipment next to the chimney.