Karnes City Rehab

On Sunday, 8 June, the Radio Operators of South Texas (ROOST) visited the Karnes City Health and Rehabilitation Center to demonstrate amateur radio.   Adrienne Meyer (KD5UMD), Joe Romero (KC5MIP), Eugene Bentz (KI6MPA), John Holcombe (KE5ROW), Robb Wood (KE5ROB), and Zachary Hineman (10 yr old future ham) brought in radios, antennas, and other equipment to set up an amateur radio station.    

When we arrived at the center, we were greeted with smiles and lots of homemade cookies!  While setting up the equipment, KE5ROB, KD5UMT, and KC5MIP explained how radio waves depend on the sky conditions.  This was especially helpful to residents when we noticed the sky conditions were extremely poor that day.  Despite our hopeful attempts at trying to reach other stations, no contact was made.  We were not discouraged because radio operators always have a plan “B”.  When the call was made to abandon HF communications, we sprang into action with our handy-talkies.  We disbursed around the center to various locations including residents’ room, dining room, lobby, and hallways to demonstrate the talkies.  The residents spoke to each other, to nurses, and to the other hams.   Zachary walked around with one of the hams enjoying talking and searching out the other hams in the building. 

We plan to have this event again in the future and to have more radio operators participate.   For more information about the event, go to the club’s website at www.w5ros.org and click on photo gallery.